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Aerial Mapping - Sometimes A Case Of Survival

On June 28, 2005 - Google Inc. announced the launch of Google Earth, Google's new satellite imagery-based mapping product. Google Earth uses 3D buildings and terrain with mapping capability and Google search.

Based on Keyhole technology, Google Earth allows users to view the world around them with out ever having to leave their seats. A person may wonder what benefit this has for them. What is the average Joe going to do with aerial image maps? If you have ever gotten driving directions off the internet, then you can already benefit from using aerial image maps. The use of aerial image maps does not stop with driving directions. There are many uses that can be taken advantage of by the professional, the stay at home parents and students.

While it is wonderful to be able to get a more detailed view of any particular route you are planning on driving, it is even more incredible to use aerial image maps to plan a great hike. While you can get a flat map of most parks and conservation areas when you want to go on a hike, it is even better to be able to get on the net, and see an accurate display of that area. Perhaps there are streams, or lakes that you would like to see or areas that you would want to avoid. Having a 3D view before you get there will allow you to be more prepared.

A new home may be in the near future for you. Whether you are building or buying an existing home, it is always good to know what is going to be around you. To save time and gas, you can get on line, put in the location and get a bird's eye view of the surroundings. How close are major highways, is there any other construction going on. You will even be able to look at the types of dwellings that will be your neighbors. Farmers use aerial image maps to help them plot their farms, decide which fields to use and where the possibility is to acquire more land. It is a great benefit to the farmer when it comes to efficient management of his time and resources to increase his profit. A student can use aerial image maps for research. It is even possible for the teacher of a geography class to use aerial image maps to show the students the Earth's landscape. From the classroom, students are able to analyze human and physical processes across the planet right down to their own back yard. Aerial image maps allow the teachers to show the different land uses and land forms of the areas that the students are learning about. It is even possible for them to be able to guess at the population of the given area and see various types of homes. The use of aerial image maps can also aid in the rescue efforts and decision making of disaster relief. In 2004, after Katrina hit, searchers used aerial image mapping to help them know where to look for survivors and see what areas were hit the worst. The aerial image maps also helped the residents decide if it was safe to return home or not. Students, teachers, professional, farmers and stay at home parents can all benefit from the use of aerial image maps. Driving directions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using this valuable resource. Helping you decide where to live. Educating us on how other people live, and seeing what effect humans have had on our environment are some of the uses for aerial image maps.

Aerial Maps