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Aerial Maps Carson City Nevada

Carson City Area By Bird's Eye View

Although Carson City may be one of the smallest capital cities in the United States, visitors from all over the globe visit this busy spot and are mesmerized by her beautiful scenery. Packed with a rich historical background Carson City offers sight-seers an exciting and adventuresome experience that they will truly forever treasure.

Carson City's prominent position in the state of Nevada also has plenty of action around town with museums that are filled with old working locomotives and displays from the frontier mining days of long ago, or perhaps exhilarating snow-boarding and skiing the fabulous slopes are more your ideal experience. Either way there is so much available in this great capital of Nevada; Carson City.

If you are planning a trip to visit Carson City, Nevada be sure to do a virtual trip first via a fantastic aerial map that you can easily find on the internet. By checking out the area and what this fabulous city has on offer before you actually go there; you are guaranteed not to miss out on any of the many exciting tourist and local attractions. You can use this great new tool to navigate your way around Carson City, as well as pin point all of the things that you want too see and do on your visit.

You can start with the Capitol building at the center of downtown Carson City, then drive on and discover Lake Tahoe just a stone's throw away to the west, Virginia City to the east, Reno to the north and Genoa to the south. Aerial maps truly take the guess work out of traveling as they are so easy to use, that a child could navigate easily all around town.

With aerial maps you can also click on and find out all other types of information regarding your destination as you can also import overlay maps and then view the city's population trends, climate and lots of other useful information.

The famous Kit Carson Trail winds through one of the largest historic residential districts in the west, with traditional magnificent turn of the century mansions, historical courthouses, a depot and even a brewery from the old pioneering days of yesterday. The State Capitol grounds are open every day to the public and provide an insightful and informative look back in time to the birth and early days of Nevada.

Also don't forget that historic Virginia City is just up the hill, and invites you to revisit the Wild West that still lives on there, flourishing with history revisited as you watch re-enactments of gunfights or a refreshing drink in the old time saloon bar.

Carson City, has been long called the "hub of the Sierras," as logging, mining and the old railroad industries of the late 1800s are what have shaped her character. Today however, Carson City is a thriving metropolitan capital that is alive with its own unique sense of charm, culture and history which gives it her Wild West flavor and spirit of adventure!

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