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Glastonbury Aerial Photo

Get Accurate Information With Aerial Maps

People have been taking aerial pictures almost as long as they've been able to get a camera up into the air. The first aerial photography was done by a French balloonist, Nadar, in 1858. After that aerial photography began to be used for military purposes, especially in World War I. It was quickly obvious that pictures taken from above could be used to help with mapping, but the best aerial maps are those taken by satellites, because they minimize distortion caused by the angle of the photo.

Aerial maps are useful for all sorts of applications. They're commonly employed to help create the maps for trip software, can be used to give higher detail pictures of an area, and can show topography and other features that it would be hard to indicate on a conventional map. Aerial maps are the least expensive, simplest way to get an accurate picture of what an area looks like.

With an aerial map, you'll know that what you see is really what's there, as long as the map is recent and not out of date. It's actually easier to get an in date aerial map than a conventional one, since a new aerial map can be created by just snapping a picture. A conventional map has to be hand or computer drawn every time a new version is needed.

Home buyers can benefit from looking at aerial maps of the place that they're interested in buying, especially if they're buying a house from across the country, and aren't able to visit extensively. An aerial map will help you decide whether it's worth asking about a particular property, or if it isn't worth your time. You can save money and energy by knowing which houses you don't want to look at. Whether you're a home buyer, want to look at the terrain in an area, are interested in seeing the area you'll be driving through on a trip, or any number of other needs - aerial maps can help you. These versatile, detailed photographs are easy to obtain and useful. There's an updated aerial map of the area you need to have information about - it just takes a little looking. When you want a good map with a lot of information, consider using an aerial map over the conventional type. There's a reason people have been taking photographs from above for a hundred and fifty years - these maps are useful and worthwhile.  

Aerial Maps