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Common Good With Aerial Mapping

The humble beginnings of a single unified group of men in 1888 with a unified goal of "organizing a society for the increase and diffusion of geographical knowledge;" created what has become one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world. Throughout the ages the common goal was to primarily "promote special researches by others, and to diffuse the knowledge so gained, among men, so that we may all know more of the world upon which we live."

Today the National Geographic Society is sadly propelled by new concerns: the alarming lack of geographic knowledge among our nation's young people and the pressing need to protect the planet's natural resources are the main focus through the media of both film and print in an attempt to alert the entire planet of the dilemmas that we indeed face.

National Geographic has always led the world with truly inspiring and breathtaking sensational photography of much of the planet's unspoiled natural and most beautiful landscapes. Their use of state of the art photographic equipment and insurmountable dedication of staff meant that the world could view in perfect panoramic detail the most magical and last frontiers that are truly magnificent.

What does aerial and satellite color photography mean for the fantastic works of the National Geographic Society? It clearly means that their unique and remarkable efforts that have captured the world's heart over the many decades is now also available online, for all to see and this will hopefully impact on the serious need to respond to the crisis that we face today regarding the poor health of the planet in a deeply personal way. It is through exposure, acknowledging and accepting that that the future of the Earth truly lays in our own hands that the situation can only helped and changed for the better. Aerial photos and satellite maps now for the first time impact on the entire population as a whole, showing in full detail the catastrophic effects of global warming, pollution and harmful gasses that our modern way of life emit and eventually contribute in destroying the fragile composition of our environment, along with the very planet that we live on. If we are to survive well into the future and leave a beautiful world for future generations to enjoy and experience, then we need to work on creating a safer, cleaner world that has harmony and balance as well as the convenience of technological advances. Through satellite and aerial photos and maps people can ascertain for themselves just how much damage has already been made upon our Earth, and then make personally informed lifestyle decisions and changes that will assist in healing this precious planet and all of her wondrous recourses. It is not too late to turn back the clock and repair some of the global concerns that plague the modern world of today, and this is clearly evident in the replantations of forests, education, solar, wind and water power conversion; hunting and fishing regulations and banning the destruction of World Heritage Landmarks and Territories. All of these issues are assisted greatly through the spread of knowledge through aerial and satellite photos and maps.

Aerial Maps