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Maps have certainly come a very long way since the early days of ancient explorers like Christopher Columbus that cleverly charted new territories as he and his crew discovered them on perilous journeys of dangerous and enormous measure for their day. With only a spy glass, compass, quill and parchment as the original mapping tools of an age old industry, these men of the seas plotted their records of the courses and findings of their sea faring adventures.

Treasure maps from pirating buccaneers and tales of the countless terror of the high seas, crudely marked the terrain and contour of the lands that they represented in search of the riches and treasures marked on the map by an infamous "X." Today's maps are truly ingenious and any pirate captain would indeed be pleased to proudly own or steal a birds-eye aerial photographic map that clearly showed where all of the treasures of the land were located! Topographic maps of today appear online and you can easily browse through levels of maps until you find exactly what it is you are looking for. Pirate utopia!

All that you need to do to navigate around your map is to pan in any direction or click on the map to re-center it and then zoom in again to gain a clearer picture of what you want to see. Aerial photos and aerial maps are available on any destination in the world meaning that the sky is the limit to your viewing possibilities; and now virtually limitless with state of the art satellite photography readily available for immediate access.

From such a humble beginning, map production and satellite photographic technology has boomed or a better description would be "sky-rocketed" off the planet! This is literally the exciting world of computer engineered internet accessible technology that knows virtually no boundaries. The applications for these remarkable and precise type of images knows no end. Aerial photos and maps has expanded into a business geared toward providing better topographic maps for everyone that can use them. This includes both private and public sectors of business as well as consumers and researchers alike with school based learning using the service to assist the learning process in a totally new and exciting format. Students can today experience first hand the terrain, landscape and structure of the places that they study with new technological tools that now, make learning truly a fun and rewarding experience. The type of information that you easily find and look at using the navigational tools and software with topographical maps and aerial photographs, include browsing points of interest, locating and viewing the various landscapes of a region and gathering mapping information from any where in the world. All of this adventurous discovery and pursuit of more knowledge is not dissimilar to the old days of long sea voyages, as these men continually strived for discovering brave new worlds, just as we continue to do today via the internet. Aerial photo maps are truly a fabulous modern addition that modern society can use to quench and satisfy the thirst for knowledge in a manner that is truly pleasurable and fun, whether it be for work or play!

Aerial Maps